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Cairns Duct Cleaners

A1 Duct Cleaning Pty Ltd is a locally owned and operated company that specialises in the cleaning of all commercial ventilation air systems.  We have been operating successfully in North Queensland for the past 22 years and strive to assure that our services are delivered to the highest of standards to our valued customers.

Need Ventilation Duct Cleaning?

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Our Services

Air Conditioning Systems & Coil Units

Duct Work Restoration

Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Toilet Exhausts

Laundry Exhaust Systems

Multi-Storey Garbage Chutes

All works are carried out in compliance with Australian Standards and a completion certificate with before and after photos is provided.

Did you know?

Air Conditioning Systems gather buildup of contamination which can reduce the operational efficiency of the system, shorten its life span and may an impact on occupant’s health. 

We aim to restore healthy air quality by safely removing contamination and other foreign matter with the use of industrial vacuum cleanershepa filters and compressed air. 

Clean Air = Healthy Work Space

Kitchen Extraction Systems

Cooking exhaust systems are required to be cleaned regularly to remove accumulated grease build and to avoid the risk of fire. 

Professional cleaning of your cooking exhaust system from the canopy through to all link-up duct workthe fan, riser and outlet, will keep the system compliant with Insurance policies and Health Department requirements.

All our services are in accordance with Australian Standards AS1851.13 (2012) and QDC MP6.1


Laundry Exhaust Systems

Laundry Exhaust Systems should be serviced regularly to avoid: 

  • an extreme fire hazard caused from lint build up 
  • high costs of power bills 
  • to improve drying efficiency 

Our Clients

  • FNQ Hotels & Resorts
  • Cairns Restaurants
  • Australian Navy Patrol Vessels
  • White Boats, Ships & Barges
  • FNQ Hospitals – public & private
  • FNQ Major Shopping Centres
  • Cairns Domestic & International Airports
  • James Cook University
  • Lotus Glen Correctional Facilities
  • Cairns Convention Centre
  • Education/School facilities
  • Cairns Shipyards
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Government Facilities/ Office buildings
  • Medical Centres
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Commercial/Industrial buildings sites